Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Department

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Matsipura Volodimir Timofiyovitch

Volodymyr Tymofiyovych Matsipura


Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev
64 Vladimirskaya Street, 01033 Kiev, Ukraine
Tel. (38-044) 5213334

Professional Experience:

2012-present Head of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics department of Kiev Taras Schevchenko university. Professor.

Area of expertise:

Distributions of Elastic Waves in Waveguide Structures, Acoustic Fields in Acanonical Areas.


2004 Doctor of Sciences, Ph.D., Institute of Hydromechanics of NAS Ukraine
1985 Candidate of Sciences, Ph.D., Acoustic, Electrotechnical Institute of Leningrad, Russia
1974 MS, Electro-Acoustic, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine

Relevant Publications:

  1. Author of more then 40 scientific articles in native and international journals.
  2. Author (in co-authorship) of monography "Bases of acoustics" (2007).
  3. Author (in co-authorship) of monography "Introduction to the nonlinear dynamics: Chaos and fractals" (2007).